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What is Dialfire?

Dialfire instantly turns your browser into a complete outbound call center

intuitive user interface

powerful predictive dialer with inbound call blending

support for small ad-hoc campaigns as well as large multi-step campaigns with millions of contacts

Dialfire puts the Power in Your Hands

While it’s very easy to get started with Dialfire, some campaigns are more complex than others and this is why Dialfire has a wide range of advanced features that put you in control.

  • Register your own phone numbers and use them for both outbound and inbound calling.
  • Arrange the agent screen and add any number of custom fields.
  • Build multi-step campaigns that go far beyond phone calls.
  • Create custom reports to gain more insight into your campaign.
  • Update contact data on the fly.
  • Developers can access various REST APIs and use JavaScript in almost every module for even deeper integration.

All these features are immediately available to you and at no extra charge. Should you ever get stuck, there’s community support to help you out – efficiently and free of charge.

Crazy cool features

Outbound Calling

Choice of preview or predictive dialer
depending on your campaign.

Inbound Call Handling

Seamless blending of inbound calls
with outbound campaigns.


Unlimited number of data fields and
fully customisable agent screen.

Multi-step Campaigns

Automated campaign data flows
comprising multiple steps.

Real-Time Analytics

Pre-defined and on-the-fly reports
available at any time.


Easy data import and export,
as well as API automation.

Call Monitoring & Recording

Live listening to ongoing calls and
on-demand recording.

Reliability & Security

Highly scalable cloud solution with secure data and voice encryption.


Support for sub-contracting call centers.

Preview and predictive dialer

Dialfire lets you choose the right dialing method for your campaign.

  • Prepare yourself for the upcoming conversation with preview dialing. This is especially useful when calling B2B.


  • Call in a most time-efficient manner with predictive dialing.
    Finetune the predictive dialer to your liking – configure compliance rules and decide how many simultaneous call attempts shall be made.

With Dialfire you can prioritise contacts according to any kind of freely defined criteria. This allows you to achieve an optimal address usage.

Your own caller ID(s)

Regulation in some markets requires you to make calls with a visible caller ID which customers can call back. Dialfire supports this. Even if you are not legally obliged, sending a valid caller ID will help build trust in your call.

You decide:

  • no caller ID
  • one caller ID for all your company’s calls
  • a different caller ID for each campaign

Call blending

Seamlessly blend your inbound calls with outbound campaigns – in a flexible way that supports peaks.
Dialfire does not restrict the number of inbound lines and lets you configure an overflow-team, which will help with inbound calls during peak times.

Create your campaign inline with your vision

Dialfire offers numerous possibilities to build the campaign inline with your imagination and needs.

  • Unlimited number of data fields

    In Dialfire you have full control over your data set. You define what information you want to store about your contacts. No limitation.

  • Fully customizable agent screen

    Create a mask that feels just right – add, remove and re-arrange fields with a mouse-click or drag and drop. Add more customization with scripting.

Your own caller IDs

Transmit your own numbers as caller IDs or choose to not transmit any. Your numbers can be used immediately for caller ID and inbound calls after a fully automated online verification.

Integrate with existing phone lines

While Dialfire works with VOIP from your browser, it also integrates with PSTN, which could be useful in areas with low bandwidth.

Do-not-call lists

Dialfire supports Do-not-call lists. You decide if they should be taken into account for all your campaigns or only for a specific one.

Multiple campaigns

Are you running several projects? Dialfire lets you manage them cleanly inside separate campaigns – with their own set up and own address pool.

Multi-step campaigns

Automatize your campaign with automated data flows comprising multiple steps. Dialfire supports campaign steps such as outbound call, export (csv or pdf mail merge), e-mails and webhooks for the integration with your native systems.


Know the status of your campaign at any given moment and without having to ask a technician. Access live status overviews and browse live data. You can even update contact data on the fly.

Pre-defined and on-the-fly reports available at any time

Need to create reports regularly? Tell Dialfire to create them automatically and in the format you need them. Waste no more time adapting a report to the desired format manually.

Need a new report right now? No problem, create it with a few mouse-clicks.

Reports can include any kind of contact and campaign specific data, also custom ones.


All analytics are created in real time, so you can take decisions in a timely manner. Create shortcuts for the analytics you need to have at your fingertips regularly.

Easy data import and export

Import contacts in spreadsheet format and with any number of rows and columns. Dialfire will automatically create the contacts with all data provided. You decide how Dialfire should deal with duplicates.

Export your data into a custom structure that you define with the help of an intuitive user interface. No technical personnel needed.

APIs and webhooks

Integrate with your own systems via webhooks.

Listening to ongoing calls

Listen silently to ongoing calls. You can even send a message to the agent, which is very helpful during the training period.

On-demand recording

Record talks as a regular part of your workflow or adhoc at the click of a button. Conversations can be recorded one-way, two-way recording or both at the same time. It’s your choice.

Highly scalable cloud solution

Dialfire grows (and shrinks) with your needs and this instantly. Use it for any number of seats and pay only for what you use. We take care of it for you. No software installation. No server setup. No maintenance.

Secure data and voice encryption

We know your data is sensitive. All Dialfire traffic happens through a secure connection (https). Data is backed up on multiple servers in the cloud across multiple locations

Support for sub-contracting call centers

Dialfire supports multiple tenants. Share campaign tasks with another call center and with limited access rights.